I Choose To Be Happy.

Being a mom is hard.

There are constant messes being made, obstinate toddlers that only want to eat crackers and cookies, you always have a tiny chaperone in the bathroom, and you sacrifice your personal hygiene daily.

With so much working against us as moms today, it is easy to forget the most important thing that is working FOR us… our children. They are miracles in our lives that can bring us the greatest of all joys. We bring these wonderfully tiny, rambunctious humans into the world because something is missing from our life…. (even if they are “accidents” each of them were brought to us for a special reason).

I am guilty of forgetting that fact. Even though I only have one child I often found myself longing for the days before I had this screaming bundle of joy. There were days that I would hide in the pantry clinging onto my sanity and a pack of Oreos. Then people began the “when’s #2 coming along?!” talk and I cringed inside even more at the thought of having another miniature 16 year old.

Finally one night as my daughter, Audrey, was dancing in the living room trying desperately to stay awake I realized how much I was missing out on. I saw what a goof ball she was and how much I envied that amount of determination she felt. At that moment I decided that I was going to be happy. It was hard the first couple of days when she was screaming at me for not knowing exactly what she wanted. But when I made it a point to figure it out instead of write her off and walk away things started to improve.

I stopped worrying about the amount of books she was pulling off the shelf and the crumbs under my feet walking through the kitchen didn’t bother me anymore. I chased her around the house playing monsters and threw toys in the air with her. Then a funny thing happened, I began to have more energy during the day to enjoy her.

Another thing I have learned is not to be afraid to go out. It is a hassle and the more kids you have the bigger a hassle it is. But you don’t have go to a movie or the opera with them… take them to the park or out in your yard if you have one. Let them dig in the dirt and scrape their knees. Its better for nap time in the long run anyway (which means better mommy time too!).

When all our time is wasted on worrying about how she’s not napping or how much of a mess she is making on top of the other things we have going on in the world there’s none left over for fun. All our babies want from us is to laugh with them! (And wipe their butts) So I say laugh and make messes! That’s what they invented 409 and washing machines for right?!

I choose to live a happy life filled with messes and crumbs, bath time and kisses, love and laughter. Sure you have to discipline and be the adult but MOM doesn’t have to mean tired, grumpy woman that feeds me if I’m good. It should be the woman who teaches you the perfect recipe for a mudpie AND how to finish your homework with out the world coming to an end.

Patience is a virtue…. and with kids its a miracle, but I’m bring happiness back into the Peterson home and I’m never going to let worry take it over again.


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